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     Re: [nocol-users] Strange webnocol behavior

Try using the utility/display_nocol_datafile  program to display the
output of hostmon-output (i.e. the data file) to see if there is any
obvious problem in the data file).

Also try to *just* keep hostmon and delete the other monitors and see if
it dies then. Try setting $debug in the script to 3 or 4 and see if you
get any useful message.

Is it possible that the hostmon data file is very large and the process is
hitting some shell 'ulimits'?


JoJo Brooks wrote:
> >On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 01:59:17PM -0400, JoJo Brooks wrote:
> >>
> >> Has anyone else here seen instances where genweb.pl will sometimes
> >> fail to completely generate the Info.html page?
> >>
> >> I haven't yet been able to pin down a common cause, but it will
> >> happen at different places in the readout, lately 2 or 3 times
> >> an hour (being updated every 5 minutes).
> The line of death appears now to be consistent, around line 60-61 each
> time now, even if I swap the order of machines around.  If I remove
> hostmon, all of the other monitored information displays correctly.
> The last few characters in the HTML file seem to vary, but it appears
> to always die around the same place, while writing either the
> "command=Updates" or "return=http://" part of the line, so yes, the HTML
> files are indeed truncated,