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     Re: [nocol-users] sending mail without sendmail??

Roger Burton West wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 01:31:52PM -0500, William Kilian wrote:
> >If you don't want to use sendmail, use CPAN's Net::SMTP module. It
> >connects directly to an SMTP server. Here's an example:
> Problem with that is that it doesn't handle failures in sending. And
> a monitoring system has to be _reliable_...

Actually the real problem is nocol sends more that just one type of message
out..  the way he has coded it, it will only send out one message with one
subject/body.  What I was looking for was a script that would mimic the mail
program, so that nocol could generate the message.  This way I would not have to
alter nocol (to make upgrades easier).  I knew I could use a number of perl
modules to send mail (I actually use/like MAIL::Mailer), I just wanted to see if
anyone had taken the time to make a program that looked like sendmail's mail
program.  I'm lazy and I didn't want to have to strip apart mail to see all of
the different commands it accepts.

- Chuck

ps.  in terms of failures, you can always code your program to make sure the
smtp server is working properly and if it is not, it will try another one (ie,
smtp->connect or DIE smtp->new_connect), and if that doesn't work, sendmail
wouldn't be able to send the message anyway.