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     Re: [nocol-users] sending mail without sendmail??

On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 12:59:43PM -0500, Chuck Pierce wrote:
> does anyone have a mail script (preferably written in perl) that allows you to
> send mail to ops (using nocol) with out having sendmail installed (ie. the
> "mail" program).  I have a machine that I want to use as the nocol monitoring
> box, but I don't want to have sendmail/qmail installed on it.  thanks - Chuck

Easiest way, in my estimation, is to install sendmail, owned by "nocol"
and run it from a cronjob (with a "-q") every few minutes.  At least in
this fashion, someone would have to break nocol (or its login, etc) to
get access to sendmail.  (yeah, there's probably a few other permission
changes that will need to happen to the box, too)

All in all, I think that's relatively secure and less prone to abuse...

Baring that, you still need some sendmail-like thing to manage the SMTP
dialog back to your mail relay or hub.

Hope that helps...


Russell M. Van Tassell

"Who me?  I just wander from room to room."