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     Re: [nocol-users] Questions for trapmon and snmp

Matt Luebke wrote:
> Does anyone have any documentation or even some helpful tips on configuring
> nocol to receive and display SNMP traps?  What should the config file look
> like for trapmon? Do I even need a config file for trapmon? I've added
> trapmon to the $PROGRAMS variable in keepalive_monitors but it seems to be
> restarted every time keepalive_monitors is run, and I don't seem to be
> receiving any traps. (Yes, I have configured my devices to send the traps)

'trapmon' should be installed 'suid' root (i.e. remember to do a 'make
root' in the installation).

It does not require any config file. The man page (even though old)
describes this program.

If a program keeps getting restarted, just run it from the command line
and see what error you get. Most/all of the C monitors accept '-d' for
debug mode.