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     RE: [nocol-users] Newbie Q about webusers

	You'll also want this either world readable, or owned by your webserver's
user (i.e. www, nobody, whatever) - that's what I had to do, it give me one
error, but when I went through the logs, it was that it couldn't read the
file.  I'm also running 4.4beta1.

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Subject: [nocol-users] Newbie Q about webusers

Ok, I have installed nocol-4.3.1 and it seems mostly working, but my when I
use docrypt.pl to crypt my passwords, it generates a different one every
I assume this is ok, but odd.
So I put my login line with the results in the webusers file, but the web
pages always tell me I used an invalid password.

my webusers looks something like:


where the KQh... stuff was what was spit out when I ran docrypt.pl (I used
the password of 'test')

So how do I get the web pages to allow me to see the details?

Brian Andrus