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     Re: [nocol-users] problem with portmon of nocol-4.3

 From: "Rajapu Sudhakar" <sudhakar@attens.com>
> The portmon program of nocol-4.3 seems like not using the old ports (Only
> for which connect() failed because of the ports were down)which it has
> opened and closed after processing. I can give an excerpt of the output it
> generated if required. And since it is not using the old sockets
> descriptors, it consumes new descriptors until the 'maxfiles'
> kernel parameter is
> reached, and the inet_addr() and gethostsbyname() functions fail with
> perror():'Too many open files'. The OS is HP-UX 11.0.
> Thank you,
> Sudhakar Rajapu
Bug was pointed out to me earlier this week- I will post a patch on this
list within a couple of days.

The bug is a missing


on line 323 of portmon.c