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     [nocol-users] CMU snmpget complains "Couldn't find mibfile"

I just started setting up Nocol, on a NetBSD 1.4.1 system.  When I tried
to get snmpgeneric going, I got a whole bunch of messages about
"Couldn't find mib file" followed by numerous cascading errors.

After digging through the CMU code, it looked like they were trying
to find /etc/mib.txt, which is searched for before mib-v2.txt (the
latter which is included in the nocol distribution).

To fix the problem, I put this into keepalive_monitors:

< # keep cmu snmpget happy
< export MIBFILE_v2
< MIBFILE_v2=$ROOTDIR/etc/mib-v2.txt

Did this happen to me because I'm a first-time user of both Nocol
and the CMU SNMP kit, so /etc/mib.txt wasn't around on my system
from previous installs?

	-- Ed