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     [nocol-users] Question...

Working on the SIGHUP project... I actually noticed that while my patch to
portmon seems to work, portmon also still relies on rereading the data
file to grab and fill out the event variable "v" (the infamous v...). It
reads the v, runs checkport, and then rewinds via lseek and writes the
new data.

Does it seem to make sense, rather than reading v from the data file,
checking the status and updating the file, to do something like follows:


* When you create an entry into the hostarray array, to create an event in
the struct as well. You fill out the information for v at config time
anyways, so... Each hostarray element will have within the struct, the
event information. Duplicate information within the struct that is an
element of the hostarray array can be removed.


* When you create a new node within the linked list, to also create an
event. Again, you fill out the information when the node is added, and you
then can reference the event without reading v from the file.

Pingmon: (ippingmon, multiping, osiping, rpcping, etc)

* Create a linked list that has a structure of three elements:
  - pointer to the previous element
  - pointer to the next element
  - an EVENT structure.

Currently as it stands, if someone rm's the contents of the data dir, all
the state information is lost for all but the port monitor, AFAICS. While
we don't let people have access to the system, it's still something I
would like to not have occur, "ideally speaking".

Does anyone see any potential problems here? I'm hoping to get some
response fairly quickly so I can keep working on this. I've got this
tentatively scheduled for the 21st, and I keep pushing it out further and
further as I understand better how this works and what I need to do,
correcting my previous misimpressions.


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