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     Re: [nocol-users] SQLMon

"Nathan Clemons [Staff]" wrote:
> I made some changes to the SQL monitor provided by Rick. Let me know how
> this works for you all, seems to work beautifully for me.

There are a few problems with it.

   foreach $item (@items ) {
#    ($host,$ipaddr) = split(/\t/,$item);

     $rc = 0;
     $failconnect = 0;  <-- If you don't initialize this it retains its
value for
                            the next server

     print "(debug) dotest: connecting to database
$data_source{$item}                              ($username{$item},
$password{$item})\n" if $debug;
     if ($dbh = DBI->connect($data_source{$item}, $username{$item},
$password{$item})) {
       print "(debug) dotest: running command $query_string{$item}\n" if
       if (!($rc = $dbh->do($query_string{$item}))) {
         print "(debug) $host : $dbh->errstr" if $debug; 

Because of the line commented out above, $host doesn't actually contain
anything. Uncomment it or use $item. Also, I have trouble with $dbh->errstr
printing out within quotes. I'm sure there's some special syntax but I
simply changed the print statement to

         print "(debug) $item : ".$dbh->errstr."\n" if $debug; 

         $failconnect = -1;
     } else {
        print "(debug) $host : $DBI::errstr" if $debug;  <-- same deal here
        $rc = $failconnect = -1;   <-- Change this to -2

Then down a bit further:
  if ($failconnect > -1) { $dbh->disconnect; }

change that to
  if ($failconnect > -2) { $dbh->disconnect; }

We need to differentiate between a failure of DBI->connect (which doesn't
need a subsequent disconnect) and a failure of $dbh->do (which still needs
the disconnect).


    Rick Beebe                                           (203) 785-6416
    Manager, Systems & Network Engineering          FAX: (203) 785-3978
    ITS-Med Client & Technology Services         Richard.Beebe@yale.edu   
    Yale University School of Medicine                                 
    P.O. Box 208078, New Haven, CT 06520-8078