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     Re: [nocol-users] MySQL monitor?

then TTSG's all..
> Hi,
> 	Has anyone written a MySQL monitor?

What do you want monitored? I for the most part am content with two
monitors for Mysql - just looking at port 3306 on the server for
a connection. The other way is I have a webpage setup to do some
query via PHP on the Mysql database. Actually, it really justs tests
the website that required Mysql in the first place, so finding a suitable
webpage was easy.

I am not sure about the success of these error warnings, however. I
dont know if I've ever been paged with these (I have only been paged
when the webpage couldnt be retrieved at all - not when a warning
or error was reported via PHP):

HOST blah  WWWmysql 80     Critical        GET /Some/Mysql/Page.html
critical        <b>Warning</b>:  MySQL Connection Failed:
critical        <b>Warning</b>:  Can't connect to local MySQL
critical        <b>Warning</b>:  MySQL:
info            <HTML>
info            </HTML>
TIME    5 25 40 </html>

Anyone else have something like this setup - and seen it fail with a nice
phat warning?

Ken Chase, Director Operations                  Velocet Communications Inc.
math@velocet.ca                                              Toronto CANADA
"Sometimes two [harmless] words, when put together, strike fear in the
  hearts of men -- Microsoft Wallet."                           - Dave Gilbert