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     Re: [nocol-users] Few Questions

"Nathan Clemons [Staff]" wrote:
> > > 1.) Where is the "state" information of devices stored? In memory within
> > > the NOCOL logging daemon? Ie, when I go to change how the front end
> > > interface (website) displays information, is it pulling from noclogd?
> >
> > read the source code (easy, somewhat messy, perl) to webnocol.pl.
> >
> Ok, from my research, I see that it looks in the "data" directory for the
> -output files to read through them and process them. Assuming I have
> everything logging to a database, then it wouldn't need to look at these
> flat files... one would suppose, that is.

netconsole and webnocol read these files to generate their displays. If
you're planning to rewrite the entire package to use a database (and there
is such a project underway already) then you can do away with those files.
> A current stumbling block in the mean time to me trying to add a HUP
> signal handler to portmon (my test example). It restarts and rereads the
> config file, but the output file still has outdated information. I'm
> trying to preserve state in this, so I don't know if removing the file is
> safe? I'm going to keep testing different things, but if anyone has any
> recommendations (if anyone has spent the time to do this before), I'd be
> glad to hear them.

When portmon starts it essentially zeros out the portmon-output file until
it re-collects state information from the ports it's monitoring. If you want
to add a HUP handler that functions the same as stopping and re-starting
portmon then you can feel free to remove and recreate the file. Presumably,
however, you want it to make config reloads less painful. So you'll have to
figure out what data in portmon-output is still valid and retain it. That's
part of the changes involved in adding a HUP handler. And probably part of
why none of us has bothered before.


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