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     Re: [nocol-users] Few Questions

then Nathan Clemons [Staff]'s all..
> Sorry to sound like a newbie, but... =) 
> We've been running NOCOL for a few years now and it's a wonderful thing.
> But, there are some things we're going to be working on doing, integrating
> with our own custom database, etc, and working on dependancies. It's a
> shame that it can't wait a few months until you guys are done working on
> just that, but it has to get done now.
> 1.) Where is the "state" information of devices stored? In memory within
> the NOCOL logging daemon? Ie, when I go to change how the front end
> interface (website) displays information, is it pulling from noclogd?

read the source code (easy, somewhat messy, perl) to webnocol.pl.

> 2.) Does anyone have any FAQs or text files on common SNMP keys to use
> with snmpmon? SNMP is a wonderful thing, and I'd love to use it more, but
> finding the right key can usually be a pain in the butt.

Mib dictionaries exist on the net for all sorts of products.

> 3.) Hostmon. I've never been quite sure how exactly to deal with this.
> Does it operate over rsh/ssh/etc., or what?

The man page says that hostmon runs a telnet to get the data from
hostmon-client on 5355.

> 5.) I know there is a generic perl library to use for writing your own
> extensions to NOCOL. Most of the monitors given seem to be a bit overkill
> to understand how to use the library. Is there an example monitor, or a
> POD for the library, or FAQ or anything? One of the scripts we have
> monitors to make sure a process (that doesn't have a TCP/IP port) is
> running. I'd like to have it actually make an event to the nocol logging
> daemon that the process died.

You may well be able to hack this right into hostmon-client.

I would like to hack hostmon-clienf for when one of the 5 odd steps is
locked up in getting state from the machine - a dangling NFS mount
can lock up df, and this locks up hostmon-client: it produces no
report when you telnet to its port. I'd like a state saying "df locked up"
or something like that to report it as the problem messing up hostmon-client.

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