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     Re: nocol-users status mail

On or about Tue, Jan 04, 2000 at 01:44:21AM +0100, Andreas Scherbaum typed:
>Hello all,
>we are using NOCOL to watch some of our machines and sending a mail,
>if one or mre are down.
>But i cannot found a config option or anything to also get a mail,
>if a host or a service comes back online.

Are you doing this from noclogd? In which case, if you select
"critical" severity, mail will be sent on page-down and page-up.
For example, etc/noclogd-conf might contain:

*               critical        |/usr/local/nocol/bin/pagemail

where pagemail is a script that parses the NOCOL alert line to construct
mail in a sensible format...

Roger Burton West -/- roger@firedrake.org