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     Re: nocol-users portmon problem

then Johannes Grosen's all..
> I am running nocol-4.2.2beta4 and it seems to be working very well.
> However, there is a problem with portmon in that it works fine for all
> services which have a send-expect associated with them. However, for
> any service I list to just test connectivity (i.e. no send-expect) it
> fails. Is this a known problem or am I missing something?
> thanks!
> john

I think its been this way for a long time.

We fixed ours, I can send you the patched version.

However, the way we fixed ours doesnt timeout sometimes and so a port thats
open but never generates the correct responce stops any other ports
monitored from being tested below this (our solution was to put such
dangerous systems at the botom of our portmon.conf file, and to setup the
last port tested as a bogus Warning only test vs localhost port (something
unused) so that we can see portmon is getting down to the end of the file ;)

A horrid kludge. Want it? :)

Anyone got something better?

PS Mozbot w/nocol support is not quite done yet ;) I will update y'allz
soon. I expect Ill be ready around the 2nd week of jan if anyone cares.

Ken Chase, Director Operations                  Velocet Communications Inc.
math@velocet.ca                                              Toronto CANADA
"Sometimes two [harmless] words, when put together, strike fear in the
  hearts of men -- Microsoft Wallet."                           - Dave Gilbert