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     freeBSD startup

FreeBSD has a small problem with starting up programs that dont seem to
close all their stdouts, even once redirected (this out of /usr/local/etc/rc.d
and /etc/rc.local and the like). I am not quite sure of the details, just
I know that things that dont do so seem not to be running by the time
init enters the main runlevel. Thus, we have a problem when our nocol
system reboots.

Anyone else running nocol on freeBSD? How do you start it up? 

This is actually moot, because we should all have something to 
restart it from a crontab when one of the monitors goes down. Its
good to only restart the relevant monitor otherwise we'll get paged
with all the existing criticals again.

What do you people use?

Ken Chase, Director Operations                  Velocet Communications Inc.
math@velocet.ca                                              Toronto CANADA
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