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     Re: hostmon: ignoring some actions?


On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 09:39:55AM -0700, Russell Van Tassell wrote:

> > I just try to use Nocol Version 4.2.2beta2. I try to monitor some
> > stations here with hostmon - but I want that some variables aren NOT
> > monitored. Like DFspace_used. Because on some stations (or better:
> > on a clusterstation) there can be some filesystems mounted, but they
> > haven't to. hostmon detects that they can be mounted and either
> > tells me that there is no space left or that there is too much of it.
> Which OS are you on?  (guessing Solaris)

Ooops - forgot that one:

It is Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7 (clients).

> > On another station hostmon thinks a CPU which is idle 99% is
> > critical... 
> This can be changed in hostmon-confg.

Thats what I expected. But it doesn't work as it seems - a value of
101 in every threshold will be ignored, also the other way around (
a -1 or a 0 as value).

Btw: I found a bug in the portmon-Stuff: if I try to test e
Webserver by GET /index.html or so, it expects as last Item for the
second read a \n (the first read contains the Header of the
response, the second one the page itself). If you don't have that (I
have a customer who makes his pages with Microsoft Editors, Word or
so) the read fails, portmon says there were 0 bytes transportated
and the test itself fails.

Ciao, Hanno
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