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     Re: color info table(s) in webnocol

dmueller@libertysite.com wrote:
> I have noticed a few installations of the NOCOL web client that have color
> tables, etc added to their "Info" button.  It appears to me that the standard
> NOCOL install only has b&w.
> Where can I access the code that folks are using to colorize the info screen?
> Thanks in advance.
> btw - here is an example URL.
> http://ir1.ipt.com/nocol/Info.html

The site you posted is only monitoring fifteen machines so using the table
and having the colored icons works fine on the info page. We, on the other
hand, are monitoring 282 devices and the info screen would take forever to
load. That's the reason the normal genweb.pl uses <PRE> tags and no tables
or color on the info screen. 

Take a look in genweb.pl under the section "other customizations that you
can tweak". Change $compactInfo to 0 and you'll get tables on the info


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