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     Re: nocollib.pl


return 1;

on a line by it's self at the end of nocollib.pl

At 08:40 AM 6/27/99 -0400, Scott Lampert wrote:
>	I just recently set up nocol and have run into a problem running any of
>the modules that require nocollib.pl.  I'm running this on a stock RedHat 6.0
>system with perl 5.00503. The error I'm seeing is (using bgpmon as an
>/usr/local/nocol/bin/nocollib.pl did not return a true value at bgpmon line 62
>Line 62 in this case is the line that requires nocollib.pl.  Is this
version of
>perl incompatible with nocllib.pl?  I'm not fluent enough in perl to figure
>this one apparently as I can't see anything immediately wrong in the file.
>suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Especially since notifier is spewing
>of e-mail messages about this error. ;)
>			-Scott
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Shawn O'Hail