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     Notication structure

Notifier.pl has notifier.confg. So when an item goes critical what 
and how is passed or picked up  to be sent as an email/page

a notifier-confg:

default		1	???????:page:0, nocol-ops@oneinsane.net:email:0

??????? == Phone numer to dial out to the pager

now with that said We have written a small perl script that parses the below
to get Critical up/Critical down(These have been given numeric values) with 
an IP address so the page would be 666<ip> == down 777<ip> == up

OUTPUT of a Critical event:

Fri Jan  8 17:58:00 1999 [portmon]: SITE www.xx.xxx IPI.PIP.IPI.PIP VAR WWWport 00 Port LEVEL Critical LOGLEVEL Critical NOCOP down

To sum it all up here is how it goes:

numpager <phone#> <status code> <ip>

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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