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     Re: Numeric Pager program

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Ron 'The InSaNe One' Rosson wrote:

> I am looking for a numeric pager solution for nocol. If anyone has one 
> that works for FreeBSD/UNIX I would greatly LOVE to see it.

There are two ways to go.  If the numeric pager is simply "Dial a number,
wait a few seconds, dial some digits" then a plain old script passed to
a modem via tip will do it.  But, this is an unreliable protocol.  If the
pager line is busy or takes longer than expected to answer, you're out
of luck.

If the pager has a PIN number and supports IXO, then use qpage or tpage.  

We use qpage here, with alpha pagers.  This is more reliable as there's 
a handshake between the paging terminal and your modem.  Can also send 
multiple pages with one call to notify several people.  

IXO works with numeric pagers, but normally used with alpha.  Some pager 
companies don't want to issue a PIN to a numeric pager.

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