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     Re: monitoring a datum 2100 tl timeserver.

You can use tcpdump on the nocol server to get some clarity on what's
goin on, i.e.
oink|~#tcpdump -s 256  port ntp
tcpdump: listening on hme0
15:00:37.333690 oink.amc.uva.nl.ntp > dido.amc.uva.nl.ntp: v3 sym_act strat 0 poll 6 prec -15 (DF)
15:00:37.335255 dido.amc.uva.nl.ntp > oink.amc.uva.nl.ntp: v3 sym_pas strat 3 poll 6 prec -16 (DF)
15:00:45.684462 oink.amc.uva.nl.38128 > fido.amc.uva.nl.ntp: [len=12] v3 res1 strat 2 poll 25 prec 45 (DF)
15:00:45.686702 fido.amc.uva.nl.ntp > oink.amc.uva.nl.38128: [len=240] v3 res1 strat 130 poll 25 prec 45 (DF)
15:00:45.687417 oink.amc.uva.nl.38129 > dido.amc.uva.nl.ntp: [len=12] v3 res1 strat 2 poll 25 prec 45 (DF)
15:00:45.689448 dido.amc.uva.nl.ntp > oink.amc.uva.nl.38129: [len=240] v3 res1 strat 130 poll 25 prec 45 (DF)

the first to packets are my own ntp daemon the other are from the nocol
server i guess. Also you can use ntpdate -d ntp-server to see if you
can retreive ntp time info (but i think you have to kill the xntpd first
if it's running on the system from where you want to try the ntpdate.
good luck! Ewald...

On Mon, May 03, 1999 at 01:45:37PM +0200, Andre Koopal wrote:
> Hello,
> I use ntpmon to monitor our ntp-servers. This is running perfectly for
> unix-boxes running xntpd. However I want to switch to the stand-alone
> box from datum inc (www.datum.com).
> If I monitor those boxes I don't seem to get a reply. Is ntpmon using
> some kind of xntpd-extention?  Is anyone monitoring those boxes with
> ntpmon? Or has anyone a working snmp solution?
> Regards,
> Andre Koopal
> UUnet NL

Ewald H. Beekman, Network Engineer, Academic Medical Center, 
dept.  ADB/ICT Computer & Network Services,  The Netherlands