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     Re: Two Errors.

Robert Palma wrote:
> For some reason, the make/make install script is not editing the
> nocollib.pl properly.

I don't think that make is responsible for editing it.

> Look for "$nlogfd" and "$nlogclosetime" in nocollib.pl and make them equal
> to "-1" like so:
> $nlogfd = -1;
> $nlogclosetime = -1;
> This will solve your problem.

This will work, but isn't really the correct solution.  Firstly, you
need to understand that included files with "require" statement are
expected to complete with a non-zero status.  Currently the last
executable statement in "nocollib.pl" is  "$nlogclosetime = 0;".
Note, that this isn't the last statement, but all that is after it
is function definitions.  Previously this was "-1", and hence the
current problems.

The standard procedure for most included perl files is to include as
the last statement:


i.e. an unadorned, unassigned final value of "1".  Include this line
as the last thing in the nocollib.pl file and you won't have any
further problems.


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