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     Re: [nocol-users] NOCOL to monitor Cisco Serial Utilization?

Hi Alan,
Nocol already monitor bandwidth utilization on Cisco serial line with
SNMP modules. It's easy to configure and work fine. Try it.

About this item one little question on the list.

The BW calculus is against BW capacity of serial line (~2Mbps).
I have two customer linked with a small 64Kbps. 
The trouble is that the percentage that I read on netconsole is not my
line utilization but my SERIAL utilization. In this condition I must
know that ~25% of serial utilization is the full line utilization. It's
A good idea could be relativize the BW calculus agaist LINE max BW and
not against SERIAL max BW.
I've slighty modified snmpmon-client for this and it work ....
Any comment about this item is welcome.


Alan Fung wrote:
> Hi NOCOL users,
> I'm new to this mailing-list and don't know whether this has been
> discussed before.
> But I want to know whether NOCOL/SNIPS has the intention to monitor the
> utilization of the cisco's serial utilization.  So that it may alert
> administrators when the link is fully utilized.
> I know MRTG but it cannot actively alert the administrators about that.
> Alan


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