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     Re: [nocol-users] letting nocol send snmp-traps

You could add an option for that in 
/opt/nocol/etc/noclogd-confg e.g.
pingmon         critical        |/somewhere/snmptrap-script

of course you would have to give the right options
to the snmptrap cmd, the snmptrap i use is from CMU:

|~>snmptrap -V
snmptrap, version V1.2
        Using CMU SNMP Library, version V1.9d3

usage: snmptrap [args] host community trap-type specific-type

Args are:
  -a     Agent address (hostname or IP)
  -d     Dump packets being sent / received
  -V     Print version information
  -p P   Set destination port to P
  -r R   Set number of retries to R (Default: 4)
  -t T   Set timeout to T microseconds (Default: 1000000)

Andre Koopal wrote:
> Hello
> I want to combine nocol with an other monitoring system. Is it possible
> to let nocol send snmp-traps on new events to the other monitoring
> system (netcool).
> Regards,
> Andre Koopal

Ewald H. Beekman, Academic Medical Center, The Netherlands
E.H.Beekman@amc.uva.nl, phone +31 20 5667085, fax .. 5669020