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     [nocol-users] Need to know more


	We just had a major fiasco here because we missed a nocol event.

	We are getting "(libdebug) eventlog syswrite error: " and don't know
why.  The bit of perlnocol that is doing this is in eventlog:
    ## Here only if socket has been opened and have to write out EVENT.
    $bytesleft = length ($event) ;
    while ($bytesleft)
        local($offset) = 0;
        $written = syswrite($nlogfd, $event, $bytesleft, $offset);
        if ($written <= 0)
            print STDERR ("(libdebug) eventlog syswrite error: $!\n");
            $nlogfd = -1;               # reset

        $bytesleft -= $written;
        $offset += $written
   }                    # end:  while($bytesleft)


	The machine creating the events is the same machine receiving
the events.  Why would the open be ok, then the write fail?  Why should it
fail when its on the same machine?  Why isn't $! getting set?  Why isn't
eventlog ever checked for a return code?  How do I investigate this more?

	(The event that happened was something in hostmon went from Warning
to Error and there is no log of it and our paging program wasn't run)

			Thanks, Tuc/TTSG