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     Re: [nocol-users] bsdi socket

Well SOCK_STREAM and AF_INET are part of the Socket module, so if those
values changed they would reflect the proper value, however I've seen
several examples of scripts that used the Socket module properly, and stil
had this problem on BSDi 4.0.

On Sun, 6 Dec
1998, Kenneth Cho wrote:

> Dear all,
> After hours of struggling into the code of hostmon and nocollib.pl, I
> found the reason of the error message newSocket(): bad file descriptor. It
> is due to the failure of the statement "eval ( use Socket );" in newSocket
> in nocollib.pl. I donno why it failed, but I change it to "use Socket" and
> it works. Any comment to this? 
> Further information about my machine:
> OS: BSDI4.0
> Perl version: Perl 5.00502
> Nocol package: 4.2.1
> Rgds,
> Cho Man Fai
> ps. All in all, nocol is really a great tool!

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Sr. Systems Administrator
Netrail, inc. 
888.NET.RAIL x240