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     [nocol-users] logging & notification confusion

Hi All-

Being a newbie in the nocol world, I'm a little baffled at how the nocol
system is supposed to be configured. 

I have gotten the various monitors to work well--testing them in the debug
mode, but I have had no luck getting any feedback/logs from them.

The noclogd & notifier modules baffle me--are they 2 ways to do the same

Regardless of my pre-compile domain-name configuration entries I get the
following message

noclogd (info): LOGHOST is defined to be 'nocol.ourhost.com'
Make sure logging daemon runs on this host

I cannot have this domain name, how do I convey this to nocol?! (I tried
editing the source code in include/noclogd.h, but no luck) 

How do I indicate to the various monitors what host/port to do the logging 

Where do I specify whether to use notifier instead of noclogd? 

Thanks for any help, I hope that one day I too can be on the path of
nocol-righteousness (-;