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     Re: [nocol-users] auto-updat

 > From: "Jonathan A. Zdziarski"
 > if that's an issue you can do a comparison on the variables pretty easily.
 > You can also seek through the hash with something like...
 > foreach(keys(%whateverthevariableisimnotgoingtocheck)) {
 >   my($original) = split(/\t/);
 >   if ($original eq $new) { 
 >     if ($_ ne $newvariablehashreference) { &init(blah); }
 >   }
 > }

"Pretty easily?"  Yeh, perl is cool, but this has little
if any relation to necessary mods in the existing (ahem,
cough, spit) C code.

If it was perl, I would have posted patches that do what
I need 'em to (of course. =:)

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Steve Rader
Systems and Network Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin
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