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     [nocol-users] Re: new setup - having probs

Check the following:

1. Are these the only 3 hosts in the config file ? If not, please check if
you have these hosts repeated in the config file. I thought I had fixed
this in the past.

2. I guess multiping is installed suid 'root' ? Should have been if you did
an 'install root'... If not:

    chown root multiping
    chmod 4711 multiping

        Vikas Aggarwal

Steve Mickeler wrote:

> I just setup nocol on my linux box.
> Using ippingmon to monitor a cisco and a few pipeline routers.
> Only prob I have is that its showing me
>        router   13:24     ICMP-ping        0    Critical
>        rimply   13:24     ICMP-ping        0    Critical
>          ipcc     13:24     ICMP-ping        0    Critical
> I know for certain that these sites are up.
> in "ippingmon-confg" I have
> router
> rimply
> ipcc