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     Re: NOCOL: Addon apps?!??!

> Does anyone maintain a site of NOCOL addons? I can't find trapmon in my
> 4.2.1 download... and I know there are other apps out there too..
> Can someone give some pointers?
	I was going from a "nocol-4.2beta5" that I have on my laptop.
heimdall:/usr/src/nocol-4.2beta5# ls
COPYRIGHT      Makefile.head  etherload/     noclog/        support/
Configure*     Makefile.mid   eventselect/   nsmon/         tpmon/
HISTORY        Makefile.tail  genmon/        ntpmon/        trapmon/
INSTALL        README         include/       perlnocol/     utility/
Makefile       cmu-snmp/      lib/           pingmon/       www/
Makefile.dist  doc/           netconsole/    portmon/