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     Re: New Nocol install weird messages

On Mon, Oct 19/98, Martin Boening <mboen@sbs.de> wrote:

> You could always strip down hostmon-client on a.ttsg.com and b.ttsg.com
> to only report the one variable DFspace_%used, when hostmon connects. Since
> no other variables are then named in the output of hostmon-client, the
> warning messages about unknown variables will disappear.
> Tha other method is, as you have mentioned yourself in another mail, to specify 
> all variables in the config file with thresholds too high (or too low) to give
> anything but informational messages in the display.

Or you could just comment out line 309 in hostmon. ;)

Search for this string.

 print STDERR "do_line: ERROR unknown variable

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