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     Re: elimination of dependent site notification

This has always been handled in nocol.

Is there a way to set up the notifier to also notify once a system
goes from Critical to Info (ie: if I get paged a system is down and
then it goes back up within 10 min ofthe first notification - it would
benice to know that it is back up).

This is a good question that deserves an anwser.  This capability was not
in the previous version of NOCOL and it was always our intention to implement
it somehow.  However we were overcome by time and  it was never done.

It would be great if this is implemented in the new updated NOCOL, but I have
not read the docs yet much less the code....Anyone have the anwser.

Also what is the  status of dependancies - ie: if my main link to the
net goes down - I don't want to be notified for the 100 or so sites I


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