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     more hostmon problems

I've run across another problem with hostmon I can't figure out. I have
the following lines in hostmon.conf...

DFspace_avail   *       50 30 20        /var/spool/news$
DFspace_avail   *       20 15 10        /$
DFspace_avail   *       50 30 20

And this is the output that the hostmon.client on the server has for

DFspace_avail 84 MB /
DFspace_avail 393 MB /usr
DFspace_avail 44 MB /var
DFspace_avail 809 MB /tmp
DFspace_avail 6009 MB /var/spool/news
DFspace_avail 393 MB /hdd
DFspace_avail 393 MB /opt/gnu
DFspace_avail 393 MB /opt/local
DFspace_avail 393 MB /opt/news

Yet /var/spool/news doesn't show up in netconsole or appear to be
monitored at all as the info output here shows.

         Site Address Time +-Variable-+ +-Value-+ Condition

news.blah.  /               13:38  DFspace_%use       51    Info
news.blah.  /var            13:38  DFspace_avai       44    Warning

I've looked at the output of hostmon with debug and libdebug set to 1
and I can't see any obvious errors. I don't really understand the code
in nocollib.pl that's doing this stuff so I can't really debug it. 

I've had the same problem with the 4.2 release code and with the latest
beta 4.2.2

Anyone see anything obvious?

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