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I've been playing around with notifier.pl, trying to get it 
to work, as it seems much more flexible than using the noclogd

Basically I have nocol set up on a linux box also running
sendpage for alpha pager notification and my nofier-confg
looks like this:

dummy.com:    1     gabriel@supernet.ca:email:5, 

This will page me as soon as the site goes critical, the only problem 
is that if notifier.pl is re-run it will page me again, I have notifier.pl
crontabbed to every 10 minutes, sometimes I will get 2 or 3 pages which
is rather annoying, Is there any other values I need to modify in order
to prevent from getting paged more than once?

- gabe

Gabriel Campos     % gabriel@SuperNet.ca     <
Network Operations % Delphi SuperNet         <
1-888-SUPER-MTL    % http://www.supernet.ca/ <