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     make install error

When doing my make install, I get the following error.  So I tried the 
suggestion in the INSTALL file using myinstall and I get the same error. 
 Any ideas?

System Information:
	Solaris 2.61
	Nocol 4.01

`libnocol.a' is up to date.
[ -d /apps/nocol401 ] || mkdir  /apps/nocol401
[ -d /apps/nocol401/data ] || mkdir /apps/nocol401/data
[ -d /apps/nocol401/etc ] || mkdir /apps/nocol401/etc
[ -d /apps/nocol401/etc/samples ] || mkdir /apps/nocol401/etc/samples
[ -d /apps/nocol401/bin ] || mkdir /apps/nocol401/bin
YOU HAVE AN INCOMPATIBLE install, use 'myinstall' instead
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `install'

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