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     Re: portmon

> I have fixed this to allow an unlimited number of hosts and response
> strings. Please try out:
>    http://www.netplex-tech.com/software/nocol/downloads/portmon-beta1.tgz
> Included in this tar file above is a 'portmon2.c' file- this is a version
> of portmon I have been working on which checks upto 16 portmon entries at
> a time (sort of a multi-portmon).
> I would appreciate if people can test this portmon2.c (just rename it to
> portmon.c) on different platforms and let me know of any bugs.
	On BSDI 2.1, It seems that things are flagging as problems alot
more often when I moved the binary in.  Moving it back out caused it to
revert back to previous type of behaviour.  

> 	-vikas
> 	Vikas Aggarwal
> > if anyone could help me out. I Compiled and installed nocol 4.2.1
> > it appears to be running fine. Except for the portmon I have 200
> > entries in the config file, it gets to around 180 and does not read down
> > the list anymore? Is there a restriction on the amount of allowed
> > monitors? If so let me know.