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     http monitoring and hostmon-client

Hello, I have recently installed nocol and have been working on getting it monitoring various things around the network.
However I am experiencing some problems with it.

When running the hostmon-client on one of our machines (linux box) the process dies regularly with the error 'No processes available.'
It does this twice at a time and never stays up for long so I am assuming that it is the point that it forks to restart itself that it is falling over.  I have at the moment a script running to restart the thing if it's dead as a temporary measure but it's not ideal.
Has anyone else experienced this or know why it may be happening?
Also what is the easiest way to monitor http is being served over various servers.
I am having problems also trying to monitor nntp servers if anyone has a working example of that they could send me?

Any help appreciated.

Ben White