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     Re: Monitoring SSL web servers

Le Tue, Sep 22, 1998 at 05:17:59PM -0600,  le clavier de Randy Cosby ecrivait: 
> I've got nocol doing most of what I want it for now, except for monitoring
> secure web servers.
> We've had a problem in the past with some of them hanging, where they would
> accept a connection, but would not send anything in response to the "GET".
> Has anybody worked out a way to check for working secure servers using
> ssltelnet or another way?
	I'm working in a versino of an httmon who work with SSL (code
in Perl with LWP). Today I didn't have the time to make an SSL version
but it's planning. Look at the file enclose (very small, usefull for us),
it must be rewrite to handle correctly some HTTP error

	It a beginning but work good(I plan to add SSL support at 
the end of the week If I have time to do :-)).


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