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     Hostmon: DFspace_avail

For some reason, this keeps going to "critical" on me and I'm not sure
why... just trying to "test" it (hostmon) and get it to work before
deploying it, so, the configuration's pretty simple:

-- begin "grep DFspace_avail hostmon-confg"
DFspace_avail   popeye  20 15 10        /$
DFspace_avail   *       20 15 10        /$
-- end "grep DFspace_avail hostmon-confg"

And from netconsole (split across lines):

-- begin
         Site      Address      Date  Time   +- Sender -+  +-- Variable
--+ +- Value-+  + Thres -+    Units  Flags  Condition

        popeye  /home/mkim      09/18 18:15  hostmon
DFspace_avail       1485           0        MB  002   Critical
-- end

Yes, that's basically 1485MBs free on an NFS partition, but it's going
to critical with a threshold on 10MBs (decreasing).  All the other
similiar "decreasing thresholds" seem to work just fine though (though I
have not "grok'd the code" yet)


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