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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

Actually, the feedback from all of you was helpful.

Its obvious that the curses gui is well liked, and all it requires are
minor tweaks like reading in the updates file, etc. which I can do.
There is not too much more that one can do with the curses interface
without making it overly complex and people not using the new features.

I would like to focus on the dependency filter + good weekly reports and I
think we are all in sync!!

There are lots of little things to do like cleanup of the code and
handling SIGHUPs etc. but unless everyone starts sending in christmas
presents for the development effort, its hard to do such major changes.
Just keep a healthy discussion going and sending in patches, and we should
do fine until christmas atleast :)


> > I happen to like the web interface, and I don't consider an apache daemon
> > running on my monitoring server a liability.  Granted, it COULD crash, in