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     Re: Paging Software?

we wrote a program to send a numeric page from a modem.  It is flexible
and reliable.  The plan is to send it on to the nocol folks to see if they
want to include it in their package.  It was written for freebsd, and I am
not sure about what is involved in porting it.

Jim Cassata


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On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Russell Van Tassell wrote:

> Anyone have any good recommendations on paging software, preferably
> modem based?  Of course, minimum requirements being that it should be
> able to determine if it was properly able to send the page off (or if
> it got stuck some place, especially in the case of an Internet-based
> solution).  I'd also like it to work with Skytel and its children...
> If there's enough response, I'll try to summarize back to the list in a
> few days or a week.
> Russell
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