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     Re: Sendpage info?

> Is anyone using the Sendpage program successfully with NOCOL?  I have seen
> the configs for pagerd, etc... but I'm really looking to use Sendpage.

In the nocol/etc/beep_oncall file, toward the bottom of the file are
the three lines that actually send the page. I'm not sure what they
default to, but on my system, which uses sendpage, they look like this:

open(PAGE,"|/usr/lib/sendpage operators");
print PAGE $sendmsg;

The important part is the first line of the three. This basically pipes
the page through the sendpage program. Here, operators is an alias
defined in sendpage.cf, and specifies who the page should go to.

Of course, this is assuming your sendpage already works. I hope this helps
at least a little.

Charlie Kilian