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     Re: webnocol.cgi problems

The problem was that I did not realize that webnocol.cgi was not
supposed to be the entry to the web monitoring system. I set up an
index.html pointing to Critical.html and everything works fine now.

On Wed, Sep 02/98, Vikas Aggarwal <vikas@navya.com> wrote:
> Are you running nocol behind .htaccess authentication ? Do you have your
> name entered in the webusers file (with userlevel of 0) ?
> Edit webnocol.cgi and in the function 'restoreView', change the
> following:
> 1.  change  content="0..."  to content="10..." so that you get some more
>     time to see debug messages.
> 2.  replace "Please wait as screen"   to be:
> 	"userlevel = $userlevel, user = $FORM{'user'} $command\n"
> This should tell  you what the required variables are.

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