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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

> I was hoping that I can stop further development on the curses interface
> and add more features to the web interface instead. Do people need this
> feature in the curses interface still ? I can add 'supression' by looking
> at the outages/updates file (written by the web interface).

I kind of prefer the console myself, I'm tiring of web interfaces...  In
one room we've got an old terminal that is dedicated to netconsole, and I
keep an xterm open as well.  Being able to stick a note next to an outage
would be very nice...


> 	-vikas
> > I've recently come up with an idea that I'd like to see integrated into
> > NETCONSOLE (the GUI).  Upon noting an outage, it would be useful if 
> > NOC personnel could then go in and make some kind of short line comment
> > that would (1) identify who is working on the trouble or (2) some
> > small status update regarding the issue.  This is similar to what is
> > allowed within ROVER.  Also, it would be nice if data could be pre-loaded
> > for future outages so that when the next outage is determined within
> > the specified time, the site would not be moved to critical and as thus 
> > not page those in charge as well as noting it on the GUI.

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