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     Reporting and Graphing in nocol

Does any nocol user have customized reporting or graphing tools that they
would like to share with us ?

 I am looking for any tool that will run daily/weekly/monthly and list the
top 10 down events (in terms of time). Perhaps print out graphs for these

 We can either graph the data that is in the logs (time vs. value) or else
we can have 'noclogd' write out these values in a separate file which is
not as verbose as the logs (is this worth it. Any perf gain over parsing
the logs each time and extracting the data from these ?)

Note that the nocol data is 'quantized' into the 4 levels. It greatly
reduces the amount of data that is stored especially for large sites.
However, we lose some granularity and it is not 'pretty'.

So far I have been against telling each monitor to write out the data from
each poll and keeping track of it. For a site monitoring 1000 interfaces,
this becomes a lot of data, and i think that the quantization is actually
a good thing.

Comments ? Any work that others might have done that they would like to
share ? Any changes to the web interface released with v4.2 ?