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     Re: multiple steams for noclogd

noclogd will log to ALL streams in the noclogd-confg file.

The problem that jhenders@bogon.com had been having was that he did not
specify the full/correct pathname to the program he was trying to run.

Remember that nocol will log ONLY when the severity changes.


> I am new here....i saw in the archives that somebody had a problem in
> expecting that noclologd logs a critical message and pipes to a
> script:it didnt work. very little time after, he posted a message he
> did found his mistake.  Unfortunately, I have the same problem, the
> same configs as he, but i *do* not found the mistake......and he didn't
> explain his :-( can sb point me to the solution? 
> for recording purpose, the message is not logged in any log file.....