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     Re: nsmon question

On Thu, Aug 27/98, TTSG <ttsg@ttsg.com> wrote:
> > 
> > I had problems with the new 'AUTH' statements; even when my servers were 
> > authoritative they would come up.  I removed the AUTH statement and it
> > works OK (of course you lose the functionality that the AUTH statement
> > gives you)
> >
> 	I think you've got it implemented wrong.
> 	What this says is "I have a domain, istar.ca .  The first server
> thats authoritative for is is called mail, its at  The
> second server is called news, its at  The third.............."
> 	I believe it only has the ability to tell you that the server is
> authoritative for the domain, not hosts in the domain.

Hmm. I'm not disputing you're correct in this assessment, but it's
curious that nsmon has been running like this for a week or so and only
today did these go critical at the same time the nameserver in question
is returning non-authoritive answers for those hosts.

The man page does seem to imply you are correct though. I wonder why
they only went critical today.

Would anyone else find the way I thought it was supposed to work more

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