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     Re: hostmon question

On Wed, Aug 26/98, Rob Deker <deker@digitaladdiction.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 26 Aug 1998 jhenders@bogon.com wrote:
> > >From the code in nocollib.pl I see we are at this point. (line 483) so
> > syswrite is returning a negative number, causing the write to silently
> > abort unless debugging is turned on. Rob, could you enable debugging on
> > FreeBSD and see if you are seeing this as well?
> > 
> Here's what I'm getting.....
> (libdebug) update_event: ITEM HostmonData, stat=1, maxsev=1, val= 1
> (libdebug) eventlog syswrite error: 
> (libdebug) update_event:
> for each variable. Sure looks similar to me....

Just as a further data point I put a printf %d in for $written and it's
returning 0 every time. I have nocol set up on Linux as well and will
set up hostmon and report whether syswrite works there.

Just from curiosity has anyone got a setup where hostmon does
successfully log to noclogd? If so could you tell us what OS and what
version of perl. 

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