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     bgpmon issues

We're currently adding in various router types into the new bgpmon for
nocol; we have the following already:

object  ASCEND_GRF_1.3.8  616  8,1,3  Established %PASS%:sho bgp sum:exit
object  ASCEND_GRF_1.3.11 616  10,1,3 Established %PASS%:sho bgp sum:exit
object  ASCEND_GRF_1.4.6  616  10,0,2 Established %PASS%:sho bgp sum:exit
object  CISCO_11.1        23   9,0,2  \d+         %PASS%:sh ip bgp sum:exit
object  BAY_1.27          23   4,0,2  Estab       root:%PASS%:sho bgp peer:exit

if you don't see your router, with your version of code here, and want it
in the bgpmon configuration, email me with the following...

- router manufacturer
- model (if relevent)
- firmware/ios version
- instructions on how to log into the router, and display a bgp summary
- a sample bgp summary with at least 1 'up' peer
- any default username (for example root, !root, etc)

i'll compare it to the existing configs and add it if it needs to be
added, or change the version numbers on existing configs if your output
matches one of the existing ones.  also, if someone owns a bay, what's the
default login username?  I'm assuming root, but it's probably wrong.

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Senior Systems Administrator
Netrail, Inc.
888.NET.RAIL x242