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     NOCOL Release 4.2

This is to announce release 4.2 of NOCOL available from ftp.navya.com or
from http://www.netplex-tech.com/software/nocol/

Release notes, etc. are all available on the URL mentioned.

New features in v4.2 are:

 - Unix syslog file monitor (match any specified regular expression)
 - NTP (Network Time Protocol) stratum monitor
 - 'mailmon' merged in with 'hostmon-client'
 - 'nsmon' can monitor multiple domains
 - 'apcmon' for monitoring APC Smart UPS's
 - 'ciscomon' for monitoring Cisco router specific parameters
 - radius monitor
 - New improved web interface for displaying events (www/webnocol)

		Vikas Aggarwal